Your First Visit to Royal Ascot

Every day of Royal Ascot is superb on and off the track. Each day features six top-class flat races and a unique blend of fashion, pageantry, food and drink Like Nowhere Else. 

While the world famous Royal Procession at 2pm is the event that underpins every day at the Royal Meeting, there are two crucial decisions to make before booking your tickets.

1. What day do you want to come?

There are five days of Royal Ascot, which runs from Tuesday to Saturday in the third week of June every year. 

2. Which Enclosure would suit you best?

Royal Ascot has three public enclosures, each with a slightly different atmosphere, dress code and perspective.

Find all the information you need to reach an answer to these questions below and welcome to the greatest racecourse in the world! 

Not quite sure what you're looking for?

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Ticket Prices Explained

Tickets for Royal Ascot vary depending on which day you want to come, what enclosure you want to spend the day in, how big your group is, and when you book.

The Early Booking Price ended on Thursday 4th April, and all tickets are now full price, regardless of the number you book.